Top 10 Things to Do in Cape York

1 Stand on the Tip of Australia.

The trip’s culmination is taking a selfie on Australia’s northernmost point. The end of the road is only 32 kilometres from Bamaga and is accessible by car from Lockerbie or on foot from Roma Flats; it is the destination of many tourists (10 km). There may also be an overlook over Possession Island and a memorial to the spot where Cook hoisted the English flag.

2 Visit Laura Dance Festival

Indigenous Australians have celebrated their Culture for almost 30 years at this festival. People worldwide come to see the event’s participants, who hail from 20 cities and towns.

3 See Prehistoric Rock Art

The paintings on display in the Split Rock Gallery near Laura are thought to be 14,000 years old on sandstone cliffs.

4 Revel in Nature’s Glory

from coastal mangroves to dense rainforests, over 400 species of birds, and a variety of fish, reptile and mammal life, it’s a nature lover’s paradise.

5 Beat The 4WD Tracks

Cape York offers the ultimate 4WD trekking, from unsealed main roads and sidetracks to some of Australia’s most challenging off-road adventures.

6 Swim in Beautiful Streams

Apart from some of Australia’s pristine beaches, the inland rivers and streams have the purest water and most idyllic swimming holes.

7  Camp Under the Stars

This best form of outback adventure provides dozens of options to camp in nature, whether at regular sites, along a river or on the beach.

8 Soak Up Indigenous Culture

Communities across Cape York feature art and dance performances that showcase the first Australians’ deep and varied cultural heritage.

Roam the Old Goldfields 

The Palmer River Resources Reserve bears the imprint of the international prospecting community that flocked to the region in the nineteenth century in search of gold.

10 Discover Icons of History

This timeless land was first inhabited 40,000 years ago by Aboriginals, and the first European came in 1846, so check out the icons of different eras.